Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mi casa es su casa- front door

If any of you know me then you probably are aware that I love home improvement projects. Well, I should clarify, I love home improvement projects that don't involve power tools or measuring. So that pretty much leaves painting. And boy, do I love to paint. Just ask my husband, he'll attest to my insane desire to paint every room of our house at least once, if not twice. Maybe its the fumes, maybe its the instant transformation that occurs when you change the color of the room, or maybe its the summer I spent painting dorm rooms the most bleak shade of white imaginable. Whatever is behind the motivation, I'm down with it. So I thought I would share with y'all some of the home improvement projects that we have undertaken in our home. We've been living in our current home for a little over two years and have painted every room in the house (9 rooms, three rooms have been painted twice). In fact, when we moved in I was about 5 months pregnant and the size of a large whale but I insisted that we paint most of the house before we even began to move furniture in. So, in a span of 3 days, Chris and the pregnant whale painted 5 rooms. Yes, probably not the best thing to do when you've got buns in the oven but I'm pretty sure a lot of our parents inhaled things worse than paint fumes when we were in gestation!

And so, here's the first in what I am going to call Mi Casa es Su Casa. And little glimpse into our home and some of the changes we've made, for the good and possibly for the bad. We'll start on the outside and move in. Up first is the front porch of our house. A great thing about living in the South is that front porches are almost as standard as tornado shelters are in the Midwest. And if you've got a front porch then you better have some rocking chairs (and ferns in the summer). The front porch of our house was definitely one of its selling points along with the dreams of sipping wine on rocking chairs every night during the summer. Another thing, I totally have a thing for white houses with black shutters and a red door. So when we bought our house it already fulfilled two of my desires, it was white with black shutters. Just one problem, it had a black door. Easy enough, just needed to paint it red. Yep, just that easy- 6 coats of paint (and this was the paint with primer in it!) later I had a red door.

Old door

Now, a bit more fun
Beer, wine, and baby bottles- a classic front porch combo
Conner and Lizzie enjoying some front porch rockin'

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