Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrity look-alike

I am like most mothers in that I think my two babies are the cutest things on earth.  But, there are times when Lizzie's cuteness just doesn't translate well into a picture.  Perhaps its her chubby little cheeks or the gallons of drool that seem to constantly come out of her mouth, but many pictures of her tend to bear resemblance to a famous celebrity.

Starting 'em young

Conner and Lizzie received a doctor's kit for their birthday and they have taken quite a liking to it.  Does this indicate the first signs of budding doctors on our hands?  Probably not, my guess is that the pieces are just the right size to put into a mouth making them instant favorites.  In fact, two particular items from the kit have become the catalysts to many a fights in our house. They may look like a wooden thermometer and syringe but when inserted into the mouth, they become a toy worth fighting over!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish eyes are smiling

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little leprachauns!

Conner and Elizabeth are growing more each day and really learning how to get into trouble. Each is developing quite a personality. Lizzie is fun-loving, loves attention (and will yell at you to get your attention) and bosses her brother around when he is doing something she doesn't approve of. Conner is silly, clumsy, and easily frustrated (i.e., throws lots of tantrums). Conner gets away with his tantrums by giving us the biggest smile each morning when he wakes up. We still haven't mastered walking yet- each will take a few steps but when you can get around quickly and efficiently with crawling, what's the point of walking? We can't wait for spring to officially arrive (and stay) so that we can get outside and play!