Monday, January 3, 2011

Stopped reading my blog after 2009? Here's what you missed in 2010....

So over the past few days I've seen quite a few of the blogs that I read do a recap of 2010. And given that I've been a slack blogger over the past few months I figured I'd try one of these year in review blog posts. Yes, it will be heavy on pictures and light on text but hey, a picture says a thousand words, right? 2010 was a good year. In retrospect, it was a stable and fairly uneventful year (and I say that in the most positive way, who wants a year full of change anyways?). The year was spent basically planning for the next year. Obviously I could never be a Buddhist, always focusing on the future instead of the present. But with the end of 2010 came news that we now know where we will be moving in June 2011 (Fort Collins, CO!) which has made all of us feel much more prepared for the upcoming new year. Well, prepared that is until this new baby comes along (eek!). Alright, enough rambling, here's what you missed in the ever exciting adventures of the dynamic duo in 2010.

This is the month I began my new hobby in photography. I finally bought a SLR camera and promised myself that I would read the instruction manual at least once. Hopefully this 2010 review demonstrates that I did learn to use my camera, though I still have a ways to go.
We played in the last snow of the season
Luckily I've got two kids who don't mind being chased down by their mom with her new camera

This is the glorious month in which we celebrate the birth of two marvelous creatures- Conner and Elizabeth. In February 2010 Conner and Elizabeth turned two on a Tuesday. And we had a birthday party that was very memorable.

March is always a really great month in North Carolina. The first trees are beginning to bloom and the days are just starting to get warm. We took a lot of time in March to get outside. And at the end of the month we drove down to Charleston, SC so that I could run in the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K race with my sister. And yep, I survived, though I don't know if I've run since then.
Enjoying the spring weather at the park

Even the kids took part in the running race in Charleston
Elizabeth and Conner got medals for their performance, my sister and I did not :(
And while in Charleston we went to the aquarium. I snapped these pictures, which I thought were cool enough to share.

April was a pretty quiet month for us. Easter came and went and the kids got to participate in their first Easter egg hunt. And we made the switch from toddler beds to twin sized beds. And yes, you are correct to assume that April was a lame month given that these are the only highlights I could remember to share.
cupcakes in the park

I got to celebrate my third Mother's Day this month and Chris was nice enough to watch the kids while I enjoyed some shopping at Anthropologie. I know, nothing says you love your kids like ditching them on Mother's Day for some alone time. And at the end of the month the pool opened and Aunt Amy came down for a visit.
Mother's Day 2010

At the beginning of June we took our family vacation out to Breckenridge, CO. This was Chris' first time up in the Rocky mountains and I think he liked it. At least enough to get him to move out there! It was a great time filled with sunshine and snow!

We started off July by hosting a July 4th party. The kids had fun eating the three different flavors of homemade ice cream and playing on the 10 x 25 foot slip n' slide. And I had fun hiding my new little secret from the party goers. In July Yaya and Papou Hatzis also came down for a quick weekend visit. We took a short trip to Wrightsville Beach and now looking back, that might have been our last weekend trip to a North Carolina beach (sniffle, sniffle). I will miss having a beach so close by once we move to Colorado.
Even the house got all dolled up for the July 4th party

A gorgeous sunset over the inland canal at Wrightsville Beach

In August we got to see the first glimpse of Baby Sweet P! Baby P looked beautiful in that grainy picture and we were ever so pleased to only see one Baby P this time. Soon the adventures of the dynamic duo are going to turn into the adventures of the dynamic trio. Also this month our other Baby Sweet Pumpkins reminded us that they are no longer babies as they headed back to school. This year they could even carry their own backpacks without tipping over.

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Well, I'm not sure that I remember the 21st night of September but I do remember Sept. 17-20th. That was the three-day weekend I spent in Paris. This was such an amazing trip and I have to say probably the highlight of my year. I know, I feel really guilty saying that since so many great things happened this year but the trip to Paris was just so.darn.amazing!

We spent the month of October enjoying the changing leaves, pumpkin patches, and trick-or-treating.

We celebrated Chris' 32nd birthday this month. And the kids and I took a weekend trip to Asheville with Grandma Elaine and Auntie Mae Mae. We ate lots of great vegan/vegetarian food in Asheville and enjoyed relaxing in the mountain cabin that we rented.

Daddy turned 32!

No surprises here, December was all about Santa coming! And of course watching the movie Elf at least three times. We took the kids to see Santa (sorry, no digital picture of that) but neither one of them cried and Conner wasn't too shy to tell Santa what he wanted to open on Christmas morning. Conner got a train table from Santa and Elizabeth got some princess dress up clothes and a castle tent. And Chris and I got to experience staying up very late on Christmas Eve to get all the toys assembled and prepared for the next morning. We even were got a white Christmas here! We also went up to Connecticut for New Year's Day with the Hatzis family but technically that occurred in 2010 and 2011. And Chris was the lucky one on New Year's Day who got the piece of spanakopita with a quarter hidden inside, which is supposed to bring good luck for the new year. And we'll need it, we've got some big changes coming our way!

And so, that was 2010. Going back through the pictures over the past year I can say that:
1. Both kids stretched upwards and now have a much slimmer appearance
2. Lizzie's hair got a lot longer, Conner's hair got a lot darker
3. Raising twins certainly doesn't make you look any younger
4. These are all profound observations, I know. Feel free to stop reading before I rot anymore of your brain cells.
5. 2010 was a good year.

I can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2011, which I imagine we will remember as the year of change. New baby, new city to raise our family in, new jobs for both Chris and I- whew, it's going be a wild ride! So stay tuned, I hope to keep you all updated through semi-regular blogging.