Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Conner and Elizabeth! What a year it has been!

Conner Jay, 2/9/08

Conner Jay, 2/9/09

Elizabeth Sara, 2/9/08

Elizabeth Sara, 2/9/09

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And off they go

Conner taking his turn with the alligator push toy

Wow, the first day of February! When I think about this time last year all I remember is backaches, 8 bathroom trips a night, and the never ending World Cup soccer matches occurring in my abdomen. I am in a much better place this year as February begins- there still are some backaches from lugging around two 22 lb babies but I can see my toes so I can't complain. We've got only a few more days until the twins turn one (Feb. 9th)! Next weekend we will have a birthday party for them at our house and then in a few more weeks its up to Connecticut for birthday party number 2. Each day I look at them and there will be something that catches my eye and makes me realize how grown up they really are becoming (from Conner in his Chuck Taylors to Lizzie sitting on the staircase). Its been a great year and I am really loving the stage we are in right now. Conner and Lizzie have started speaking to each other in some sort of language only the two of them are fluent in and I can only wonder what they are saying.
Lizzie in her new chair

Conner in his Chuck Taylors