Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lo siento!

I must send out my most sincere apologies to this little blog project of mine. I've totally neglected you! Don't think that I haven't thought about you numerous times. Just every time I thought about sitting down and writing, my mind drew a blank and I made myself feel better by blaming my writer's block on the lack of excitement in the Hatzis household lately. But, we have had excitement over the past month- I've just been too lazy to actually edit pictures and upload them to share with y'all. I must cut myself some slack though, I have been crazy busy working on a half-million dollar grant that I just submitted last week. If the grant gets funded (fingers crossed!) I will have enough money to pay my salary for the next three years and do some pretty cool science!

And here on the homefront, school's out for summer! The kids finished up school on June 8th and we promptly headed out on vacation the next day (more on that to come). It was bittersweet seeing school come to an end. We have really enjoyed sending the kids to the Montessori school this year and it gave us such peace to know that they also loved going to school everyday. We were lucky to get a quick kiss at drop-off before both of them went barreling into the classroom to feed the fish and hamster. Their teacher put together a dvd of all the pictures she had taken throughout the school year and it was amazing to see how much the kids changed over that year. The most prominent changes to occur over the year were the loss of fat and gain of hair for both kids! Funny, I think if you look at my change over the last year you would probably see the exact opposite changes in me.

Over Memorial Day we were lucky to have Auntie Amy come visit for a few days. The kids enjoyed showing Amy all of their new tricks and taking Amy to the pool. Lizzie was also very happy to have a fellow dancer in the house and she made sure that she wore her tutu at all times!