Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun in the snow

Okay, I promise, last post about all the snow we had in Nebraska. I mean, for all of you readers who live in these crazy cold snowy climates, you must think I am nuts for going all ga ga over the snow. I think I was excited for the snow because Conner and Elizabeth haven't gotten a real chance to play in snow. It did snow an enormous amount (6 inches!) in North Carolina before we left for Christmas, but the snow formed a hard icy cover and the kids had a really hard time walking in the snow. So we took advantage of the large hills of snow and open fields and took the kids out for some sledding and snow ball fights. It was so much fun and the experience of being pulled by a tractor through a field while on a toboggan was one of those moments that made me wish I spent more time country living while I was growing up.

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