Monday, April 11, 2011

1 month

Yesterday we celebrated Nolan's first month out of the womb. And yep, still no baby book so I'll have to chronicle his first month online (but I did look for a baby book at Target- they were all out of boy books). So far, Nolan doesn't do a whole lot (which I think is normal for newborns). He sleeps, eats, and cries. And speaking of crying, the boy likes to cry- especially when he's not being held. He was lucky enough to be spoiled by all of his grandparents and auntie during their recent visits and now the boy insists on being held every minute of the waking day. But, he makes up for it at night. He is turning into a champion sleeper at night. For about the last week he has been going to be around 11 pm and then only waking up once around 3:30 am for a feeding. And, he's been sleeping in his bassinet (not cradled in my arms as he was during previous weeks)!!!! So there has been progress and both Chris and I are feeling much better after a few nights of good sleep.

And there you have it, a quick synopsis of Nolan's first month. The next month should bring about some exciting new adventures. First up we are going to begin cloth diapering since little man can now fit into his BumGenius diapers! And next week Nolan is going to begin his jet setting ways and join Chris and I on our house hunting adventure in Colorado. Finally I'm hoping to see a smile on his face soon because right now I think the only thing that makes him happy is gas. And those gassy smiles have given us a sneak peak as to what his smile will look like and it looks like he might have dimples on both cheeks! And you thought he couldn't get any cuter.
My sister pointed out that Nolan is holding up one finger- yep, counting already.