Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day late, dollar(s) short

Oops, looks like we (I) missed the deadline for submitting a photo to the Regis and Kelly beautiful baby search. I was waiting until I had a great photo of Conner and Lizzie, walking hand in hand, looking at the camera, and both sporting a huge smile to submit. Seems like such a small request! But, my wish for that sweet photo never happened so I decided to submit a photo of each of them individually and just pray that if one was chosen then they would have a twin clause which would allow both of them to win the prize. When I finally got the pictures to submit I found out that the deadline had passed so we'll have to wait another year before we get to meet Regis and scary arms Kelly. Anyways, here are the photos that would have blown the judges away:I actually would have submitted the photo of Lizzie from this post but thought that it would have been boring to post the same picture twice. So instead here's a picture of Lizzie's magnum look.

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