Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smoothies just got a whole lot smoother

Dear Mr. Postman,

Thank you for bringing a box of joy to my house today. You see, the heavy box you delivered contained a very special item. Inside that box was the blender of all blenders- yes it was a Vitamix! My blender died after I put too many strawberries inside so my lovely sister sent me her Vitamix. She hadn't been using it enough and a Vitamix is something to be cherished, loved, and used. So I gave my V-machine a quick cleaning and immediately decided to test it out with a very berry smoothie. Seriously, I made a smoothie probably only 5 minutes after opening the box! As you can see, this smoothie was full of good stuff and Lizzie kept asking why I put salad in the smoothie :).

Uh oh, my secret of stashing spinach or other greens in there might have gotten out. Man oh man, the V-machine did its job and it did it well! This smoothie was smooth and creamy and I think it might have even crushed the smallest of seeds from the berries. And this little girl gave the smoothie 2 mustaches up!
That is until she spilled half of it on my jute rug :(.
Speaking of Mr. Postman, do you have any tips for getting smoothie out of a jute rug?


  1. Glad it has a good home! And it was worth it to get that priceless pic of Lizzie. Although, I somewhat regretted sending it yesterday after I read that you can use the Vitamix to make ice cream.

  2. Well, the Vitamix makes ice cream in the sense of taking frozen fruit and mixing it up with some ice. Yes, it comes out a bit frozen but isn't creamy like ice cream. Its must more like a frozen smoothie.

  3. I want a Vitamix so badly! Enjoy it!