Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adventures in Fort Collins

Well, we made it! It was a fairly uneventful move out here. I think everything made it though there are still many boxes sitting in the basement that need to be unpacked. And along with the old, a new item made its way out here with us. Chris got a new car in Nebraska- a Honda Pilot. It's a pretty sweet ride I must say. And best of all, he can fit all the kids in the car but it still is nowhere as convenient as the minivan for getting kids in and out. We've spent the good part of the last week getting things unpacked and setting up the house. We have decided to rent out here for at least a year and the house we are renting is really great! We actually didn't see the inside of the house before we signed the lease but I must say was got really lucky. I'll try and get some pictures up of the house once things are in order. The kids seem to be taking to the new house and Fort Collins really well. The neighborhood is filled with kids and the town has great parks. We went to Fossil Creek park this morning and it was pretty incredible. I snapped this picture of Long's Peak as we walked up to the park.
The play equipment was so cool but definitely different than what we are used to. All equipment was made from recycled materials and there were lots of places to climb ropes and I swear they had something that looked like a snowboard. And of course the huge wooly mammoth in the middle was a surprise.

And I put Nolan in a swing for the first time and it was so cute! He giggled and smiled the whole time, except for when I got my camera out to try and capture his happiness. Look at those chubby arms, so cute!
I still am amazed at how many people I see riding their bikes out here. I can't wait to get back on my bike and start exploring the city via two wheels. The weather has been pretty warm, in the upper 90's but without humidity it is much more bearable than North Carolina 90 degree days. And most afternoons a thunderstorm rolls in to help cool things down. So one week in, I'd say we are pretty happy with our new town. And this week I'm home with all three kids by myself so if you don't notice any new posts on here by next week you'd be wise to assume that I have indeed gone crazy. 

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  1. Is the wooly mammoth made of recycled wooly mammoth? Quite impressive.