Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Poor Chris, as if Father's Day doesn't already get the shaft compared to Mother's Day but this year Father's Day fell on our moving weekend. I didn't totally forget to plan a few surprises for Chris but poor guy had to start off the morning of Father's Day by taking Conner and Elizabeth to breakfast. And some may say that seems like a perfect Father's Day outing but obviously those people have never taken my kids out to eat by themselves. I did manage to snap a picture of Daddy with his three sweeties before the movers packed up my camera.
And just as the movers were finishing loading up the van, I brought out Chris' gift- a new bike! Chris quickly jumped on the bike and road around the block before it was time to pack it up. But I'm hoping he will get to ride it much more out here in Colorado.

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