Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moving Day (err, weekend)!

Sooner then we thought, moving weekend was upon us. Seriously, I can't believe how fast June went after so many sleepless nights stressing out about this whole picking up the house and moving cross country thing. But early Saturday morning this beauty rolled up to our house and the time had officially arrived.
And before you accuse me of being a secret hoarder, this truck wasn't for just our house. The movers had already moved two families from Fort Collins to the Northeast when they arrived at our house and they still had one lady's apartment on the van (which they were going to deliver to Florida). And then they were also going to put another family in Texas on the van. But our house (plus minivan) did take up about 60% of the van. The kids had fun watching the moving men pack everything up and made sure to get a front row seat for the show.
The whole weekend was pretty bittersweet. Saying goodbye to our awesome neighbors was so hard. I just hope we can be so lucky to find another set of neighbors as great in Colorado. I know we will especially miss the Brown family. This family was so caring and always let our kids come over and play or let us come hang out when our house was being shown. And sweet little Olivia- she cried and cried when we left which only made me cry more!
The kids with Mama and Olivia Brown
But, in the end we know this move is a really good thing for us. Chris has a great job and we are so excited to live in such a great town. Fort Collins boasts great public schools, bike trails galore, and some really fantastic beer. People there are seriously outdoorsy and active- which hopefully will rub off on us. And eco-friendly is an understatement- in this town green really is the new black. And so our North Carolina chapter has come to an end but stay tuned for more on our new adventures in Colorado!
So long house- we'll miss you! But please have someone buy you soon!

Loved these birch trees in the front yard
The split in this tree is the perfect frame for cute fishy faces
I think this might be our first picture with all the kids and the dogs!

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  1. That family picture is the money shot. You already have your Christmas card for the year!