Sunday, April 4, 2010

I got over it

Last weekend all four of the Hatzi took a trip down to Charleston to watch Mommy run in the Cooper River Bridge Run. It was a 10K race, which to many seems like a run around the block. But it was a big deal to me for a couple of reasons.
1. My sister was traveling 11 hours to come run the race with me. I always have a great time when I am with my sister and I knew that having her run the race with me would make it less grueling.
2. The last time I ran this race was a few months before I got pregnant with the dynamic duo. Back in those days I was in great shape. I taught spinning classes, ran on a regular basis, and got my butt kicked at least once a week by my trainer Joe. So running a 10K was not a big deal at all to me. And I ran it in 59 minutes, 3 seconds. Not a incredibly fast time but a time I was happy with. So this year when I decided to run the race I knew that it wasn't going to be quite so easy. Surprisingly enough, I no longer have time to teach spinning classes and about the only time I find to run is the one hour in the afternoon when the twosome is busy watching Sesame Street. But, I was going to train as much as possible and just hope that whatever I put in would be enough to get me through the race. Well, if you've read my sister's blog then you already know the last page of this story (and my sister wrote such a touching entry about the race!). Indeed, I did survive- and I even ran the whole way! And finished in 1 hour, 3 minutes. Finishing the race, running the entire race, and completing it in a time that wasn't too much slower than my pre-mom days time just reminded me that life can return to normal after having twins (or even one child for that matter), and it's so important to find time to do those things that you loved before you became a mom.

And, not to let you think that I was the only one who got a workout when we were down in Charleston, both Conner and Lizzie ran in the toddler 25 yard run. Lizzie fell in the middle of the race (I'm sure she was tripped by those kids who saw her threatening skills) but both kids managed to snag a medal from the race.

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