Monday, April 19, 2010

Mi casa es su casa- Two little monkeys jumping on their new beds!

We spent this past weekend redecorating Conner and Lizzie's room. This makeover was long overdue, as both kids have been sleeping on their crib mattresses on the floor for the past couple of months. But really the need for this makeover was due to some wintertime snuggling.

You see in the cold months of winter, Conner and Lizzie decided that the best way to keep warm was to snuggle up with each other in one bed. As cute as it was (and believe me, it was), there really isn't room for two toddlers in one crib. Each night before we went to bed we would have to go up there and place limbs and heads hanging off the sides of the bed back in. We knew that we needed to come up with a better sleeping solution but weren't sure what option would be the best long term solution. We aren't planning on Conner and Lizzie forever sharing a room, but in our current house we don't have enough bedrooms to give each of them a separate room. And so, while we figured out how to solve the situation, we just threw their mattresses on the floor next to each other so that they could still snuggle but would have more room than both trying to squeeze onto one mattress.

Realizing that we would be putting our house on the market in less than a year, we thought that the twins' bedroom might "show" better if there weren't two mattresses lying on the floor. I can only imagine what kind of child torture people probably think we impose on our children by making them sleep on the floor. So it just seemed like a good time to go ahead and get the kids their own beds. I did some research and realized that holy crap!, beds aren't cheap. A twin bed with a headboard and footboard was going to run us between $500-700 at most furniture stores and then we still would have to buy a mattress + bedding = really, they can't just keep sleeping on the floor? And then of course I remembered how my whole house is built upon self-assembly furniture-why should I now be trying to get all fancy buying furniture that they deliver to your house assembled? And there we were this Saturday, at IKEA looking at bed options. I'll make this a short story (and really you would be impressed, we were in and out of IKEA in less than 2 hours!)- we looked at several bed options and ended up going with this one. I initially wasn't planning on getting a twin sized bed for the kids but my sensible husband talked me into getting twin-sized beds so that the kids could grow into them. There were smaller beds that would have been SO cute in the kids' room but those beds weren't much bigger than a crib and would have been too small very quickly.

The Trofast bed is pretty cool and really functional. It is expandable (with the largest size being a twin size bed) and it was so easy to put together. I have to give IKEA props, they really make their furniture easy to assemble. And IKEA is smart because they stock coordinating boy/girl bedding. You think more companies would be smart and make boy/girl coordinating bedding but there really aren't many choices for that. So we picked up this bedding for Conner, and the coordinating set for Lizzie.

We decided to paint the walls a green color, Grasscloth by Behr, and two coats later the room looked so different.

Man, I love how paint makes a old room feel completely new to you. The room isn't completely done yet. I need to paint two pictures to put above Lizzie's bed but it may be years before that gets done so I thought I would share some pictures with you now.


Plus, I'm home with a sick kid (Conner has strep throat) so I actually have time to sit down and write a post. Hope y'all had a productive and fulfilling weekend!

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  1. Oh wow, this looks so great! Much lighter and fresher!