Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playmate, come out and play with me

Conner and Elizabeth are really starting to become interested in entertaining each other. The usual events unroll in this manner:
1. Conner surveys the situation, identifies all of the items/actions that are not intended for little ones
2. Conner, when no one is looking, gets into afore mentioned items/actions
3. Lizzie immediately follows
4. Lizzie though is not as sly, and calls attention to the forbidden items/actions and the game comes to an end
5. Conner gets in trouble, Lizzie smiles and acts innocent and somehow comes away undisciplined.

It's actually really rewarding to see them interact with each other, and it's nice to send them outside to play with each other for a few minutes each day. It seems all the hard work of raising two children at the same time is finally starting to reap some benefits.
Random acts of snuggling
Followed by random acts of torment
And a game of row, row, row your boat

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