Monday, March 1, 2010

But I was just getting used to you

It's March already? Seriously, where did February go? I was just coming to grips with all that you had to offer, the cold dreary days and all. And now, just like that, February has passed me by again. I wasn't even lucky enough to get an extra day out of you this year (and unfortunately for my dad, another year substituting an alternate day for his birthday). Maybe I'm so shocked about the turning of the months because in our house we're still living by the calendar month of December 2009.

But with March comes the prospect of warmer and longer days. And signs of spring are starting to peak out around these parts.

Inside the warmth of the house, a little girl with a cold cuddles up to her Daddy for comfort...
and a little boy cuddles up with not one, but two snugs for comfort...

Here's hoping y'all were more prepared for the arrival of March than I.

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