Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mommy and Daddy in the making

Conner and Elizabeth have started to take more interest in caring for their baby dolls. I think both have got what it takes to keep a toy doll alive. They feed their doll every five days or so and once in a while they change it's diaper. Conner has named his doll Donka Donker and Elizabeth named her's Lolly of France. Seems like someone drew the short end of the baby doll naming stick. And this conversation was overheard today as Elizabeth changed Lolly of France's diaper:
Elizabeth: Oh my gosh Lolly! That is stinky. You need to poop in the potty, not your diaper. You're a big girl. Only babies poop in their diaper.

Gah, their minds really are like sponges! Obsorbing everything you say (of course to be repeated outside of the home) even when you swear they aren't listening.

Update: I just noticed Elizabeth is pulling a little Britney Spears in this picture. But at least she had the sense to wear some underwear so her naughty bits aren't showing. Ever the lady Miss Elizabeth.


  1. Uh oh. A French exchange student for a baby doll. Hide the wine.

  2. Not to mention a French exchange student whom doesn't have complete bowel control yet! Oy, I hope she can at least teach my children French.