Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Elodie

Wait you say, that doesn't look like a Hatzis baby. And yep, you're right. That little bundle of gorgeousness is Baby Elodie. And she is sweeter than summer strawberries. I was lucky enough to have Elodie's mom Katie as my pregnant friend this go-round and the two of us spent many a minutes, hours, and days discussing cloth diapers, baby slings, and possibilities for baby names as we awaited the arrival of our bundles. And even though she was just about the cutest pregnant woman you've ever seen, I won't hold that against her. The sad but true part of this story is that while I loved getting to take Elodie's picture today, I also got the sads because I had to say goodbye to Katie. Katie's husband Mike just finished up med school and they are moving to the land of horses (aka- Lexington, Kentucky) where Mike will begin a surgery residency. I know that Katie and Mike are about to begin a wonderful new chapter in their lives and the two of them are going to be outstanding parents. Kentucky is lucky to have this family and I know that they leave behind a whole slew of people who will miss them. And Elodie, just a warning, you better be prepared to bring home only the most upstanding gentlemen because I have a feeling your daddy is going to be very, very protective of you! But, I also think you've already got him wrapped around your finger.

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  1. Elodie is breathtaking! Congratulations to Katie and Mike. And I love the photos - especially the one with the banjo. Just precious.