Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 months

A quick update on the ever-growing, ever-cute Nolan. He turned 2 months old on Tuesday and of course we had to get some pictures of the handsome guy. He must have loved all the silly duck noises I was making while taking his picture because he was more than willing to give me some smiles. And after going to the doctor today, his stats for the month are 12 lbs 9 oz (50-75%) and 23 1/4" long (50-75%). So he's growing and thriving and smiling. Can't ask for much more than that. Other than loving up on Nolan, we haven't been up to much around here. We did make a trip out to Fort Collins and found a house to rent and a school for the kids. So overall a successful trip. With the move coming up so soon (officially leaving June 20th), I'm starting to get a major case of the sads. A few months ago I was itching to leave the South (those months were the summer months during which there was such oppressive heat), but now, I'm feeling a bit sentimental for this place. My life changed drastically here. I met my husband and had three kids here. I learned how convenient the term y'all is when sending an email to a big group of people here. I made some great friends with whom I hope to stay in touch with (and will always keep an open room for when y'all want to visit). And, I grew up a lot here- transitioning to a full-fledged adult (I think I achieved that). So its time to make the most of our last few weeks here and enjoy all the sweet tea and grits that we can!

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