Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren!

My younger sister Lauren turns 19 today. Given our age difference I often find myself worrying about Lauren as a mother would. So I'm happy every time I get to hear her voice and know that she is doing okay. I am quickly finding out how hard it is to see someone who is still just a child in your mind get her driver's license, do her own laundry, and go off to college. I mean, who is going to make sure that she eats three balanced meals a day, who is going to get her up for class, and who is going to make sure she isn't taken advantage of? Yeah, I know, she is old enough to do all of those things for herself but I'm having a hard time accepting it. But today I will celebrate Lauren turning a year older and a step closer to reaching adulthood in my mind. Happy Birthday Lauren!

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