Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daddy turned 30!

What a fun weekend we just had! Chris turned 30 on Friday and it was his weekend to let loose and celebrate. Aunt Amy (Chris' younger sister) came down from Maryland on Friday to wish her brother happy birthday and also to see her favorite niece and nephew! On Saturday night we hosted a 30th birthday bash in our garage and celebrated with friends while the twins spent the night at their best friend Weston's house. Seems both the twins and the parents were up late that night but for differing reasons. Conner and Lizzie tried to stay up late during their sleepover, I think to play some pranks, while mommy and daddy stayed up late trying to pretend that they were only 22 instead of 30! In the end we all had fun and Sunday was a day of napping for the whole family. While I won't be posting any incriminating pictures from the party, here are a few 9 month old pictures of the twins. Conner now really loves to get his picture taken and everytime I pull the camera out, he gets the cheesiest smile on his face, squinted eyes and all. Lizzie is too busy moving around to sit still for a picture (living up to her nickname Bizzy). One day I will be able to get both kids to sit still and smile for a picture but until then, here's what we've got.

Lizzie's fashion tip #2: Spit does happen, but a true lady always keeps her spit to herself.
Conner's deep thought: Daddy always calls me his favorite son, but if Lizzie was a boy, then would I still be his favorite son? Oh, probably, I am pretty incredible.

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