Monday, November 3, 2008

Conner and Elizabeth's First Halloween

Conner and Lizzie = Snack-o-Lanterns

October is officially over and Halloween was a great night to cap off the month. The babies did dress up and here is the big reveal of their costumes. Conner and Lizzie were panda bears (though their costumes were a bit ambiguous and were mistaken for cows or pigs). They were sooo cute! So we learned during the summer olympics that panda bears almost always give birth to twin cubs and as soon as we found that out we knew that was the perfect costume for our twin cubs. We got the babies dressed up and headed over to a neighborhood in Winston-Salem that puts on quite a Halloween party. They block off a street and people set up all sorts of elaborate decorations, music, and dancing! It was a lot of fun but really crowded. The babies did amazingly well, not at all scared of all the ghouls and goblins out. Next up for us is Chris' 30th birthday (Nov. 7th)! We are throwing him a big party on Saturday night and even Aunt Amy is going to come down. We are all excited to celebrate though its not as easy to recover from a night of celebration now that we have two babies who want to wake up early! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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