Saturday, December 6, 2008


Thanksgiving 2008

Aah, what a great post to write. This is the first post produced by my brand new MacBook! The most amazing computer ever?- well, maybe. If it only could write witty posts for me every few weeks then yes, it would be the most amazing computer ever. But even with that one flaw, I am still in love with this inanimate machine. Much thanks to the family for helping us purchase this for our birthdays and Christmas. So besides a new computer to be thankful for, the coming and going of Thanksgiving brought to light all the things we have to be thankful for. Two employed parents, a roof over our head (that isn't in foreclosure), relatively good health (though we have our share of colds, stomach viruses, and earaches running around our house), loving family and friends, and most of all, two wonderful babies. Seriously starting to wonder if Webster's dictionary is going to include our family portrait with the entry for "blessed". Time is flying by and its good to take time and look at how incredible this year is shaping up to be.

So along the theme of thankful, we just finished up hosting Thanksgiving this year. Grannie Elaine, Auntie Meg, and Auntie Lauren came out to celebrate with us. We bucked the traditions of Thanksgiving past and had ham instead of turkey and everything else in the meal was vegan. Overall, the vegan side dishes and pie were as good as "the real things" but we did learn not to put miso in mashed potatoes :). Conner and Lizzie loved the sweet potatoes but Lizzie turned her nose up at ham- maybe she'll be a vegetarian after all. Both kids are really taking a liking to food and exploring new tastes and textures. As I am writing this post, my salivary glands are turning on as I think about our new tradition of Pancake Saturdays. Both kids have mastered crawling and are constantly on-the-go. I fear it will only be a few more months before at least one of them is ready to explore on-foot. Oh, where did my sweet little babies go?

Well, we are already in the throws of December and who doesn't love this month? A few things I love about this month:
  • The sight of Christmas trees tied to the roofs of cars as people bring home their tree
  • Eggnog
  • Watching the movie Elf over and over again
And of course, this is the month where I will be turning 30! I only have a few more days to enjoy the perks of being married to "an older man". Alright, Chris is rummaging around for breakfast which means its time to go make some pancakes! Obligatory pictures follow....

Bath time is more fun with two

Lizzie looks like she is guilty about something
Conner coming to get you

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