Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wine for my sisters

My friend Meredith brought me this wine the other night, and it was just what a middle child would love. A wine that bestows attention to all those women who feel deprived as a result of being a middle child.
And the label has a spot on drawing of the dynamics between the sisters. As you can see, the middle sister is much cooler and hipper than her other two sisters- something I am sure most middle sisters can attest to being a correct depiction. Well, this wine got me thinking, what wine would best fit my older and younger sister. Here's what I envision:

Older sister Meg:
A simple, yet sophisticated wine. It would have to be a red wine. And as I said a simple wine, no blends for her. Probably would have a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. And of course it would be vegan! And I would call it Karma Police for two reasons, 1) Megan really believes in karma, and 2) she is the only one of the three sisters who has been in trouble with the police (which is shocking if you know the three of us!).

Younger sister Lauren:
Definitely a white wine. And it would be a wine that surprised you upon first sip. I imagine a type of Riesling where you are expecting a sweet, syrupy wine but are pleasantly surprised to find it a bit dry and maybe a little spicy (a Riesling from Washington as opposed to the North Carolina Rieslings). And I would call it Karma Cameleon for two reasons, 1) karma matches nicely with the name of Megan's wine, 2) Lauren has the ability to easily blend into the situations she is placed into, like a chameleon (though I am sure Lauren has no clue about the song I am stealing the name from!).


  1. Karma Police is one of my all time favorite songs.
    What a fun game! What kind of wine would I be and what would it be named?

  2. Hmmm, your wine would be a white blend. Something sweet but not muscadine grape sweet but it would still need to have some sassiness come through. It would probably be a North Carolina wine since you were born and bred there. And it would be called Strawberry Fields Forever for two reasons, 1)it took me forever to remember if you were allergic to strawberries or berries of any sort, 2) if my sisters and I were to start a musical group akin to the Beatles, you would most definitely be our fourth member!

  3. I love this game! And yes Meredith, you definitely are the fourth in our all girl group.

    What I don't like is the oldest sister has very large hips on your bottle of Middle Sister...