Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I don't know what has been up with my teeth lately but I have been spending a lot of time of the dentist. A few trips were for routine things such as cavities and cleanings but today something out of the ordinary happened. I was there for a filling (I know seems like I have a lot of cavities but Mom, I swear I haven't been eating candy and I'm brushing my teeth at least twice a day)- anyways while I was there I mentioned to the dentist that I felt something on my top tooth. It seemed there was something stuck on the top of tooth and it was also stuck in my gum. I thought it might have been some cement left over from dental work done the previous week. Well, the dentist took a look at it and told me that she thought it might be a piece of bone. She then proceeded to numb me up and removed the bone. But what we thought was just a piece of bone was actually a small tooth growing, with a root and all! I hope that is the last time I find a stray snaggletooth growing in my mouth! And I thought it was just a popcorn hull stuck up there!

The funniest part though occurred when I told Chris the story and he proceeded to tell me a story about his childhood baby teeth not falling out and his "double snaggletooth"!

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