Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snack bowl

I don't know why but when the kids get home from daycare they are starving! Perhaps its because daycare doesn't serve them adult-sized meals (which is what they would consume if given the opportunity). As soon as we get home they head straight to the cabinet holding snacks and proceed to point and whine at the cabinet until the cabinet relinquishes some treats. So, hence, the snack bowl was born. My sister laughed when I told her that Conner and Lizzie have a snack bowl everyday after school, mainly because she wished someone would prepare a snack bowl for her. Its nothing fancy, just a regular bowl filled with things such as graham crackers in the shape of bunnies (much preferred over the ones in the shape of bears), pretzels, and if I am ready for a mess, blueberries and strawberries. The other day I heard a crash and came in to find the snack bowl in multiple pieces. Conner must have tried to throw the snack bowl (probably at his sister) and broke the bowl. To make it worse, Conner was chomping down on one big piece of the snack bowl! Don't worry, no harm was done. But a lesson was learned, only the contents of the snack bowl are edible and not the bowl itself!

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  1. Love this post! They look so grownup in the picture, and it hasn't even been a month since I've seen them.