Monday, May 25, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

As hard as it is for me to believe, my baby sister Lauren graduated from high school!  In my mind she is still the blonde little girl sitting on her rocking chair, selling duplicate beanie babies on the corner of our street.  Its amazing how fast time goes by and it seems to go by way too fast when you don't get to see your loved ones everyday. I'm so proud of Lauren- she has a great spirit about her and has the ability to bring joy to so many peoples' lives. And I must say, she has a way with Conner- that boy is just crazy about his auntie Lauren. I think he already is showing a preference for tall, leggy leggy blondes. 

We had a great time in Nebraska but it just went by way too fast. Made me realize how unfortunate it is that the twins live so far away from both sets of their grandparents. While I too often discount living in Nebraska, there were moments that really had me taken aback when I was home. One was watching Conner, in nothing but his diaper, being pushed around in a wheelbarrow on the farm. It was the epitome of being a kid. Another moment came when I was picking asparagus and came upon a stalk of asparagus, standing perfectly straight out of the ground. Its always amazing when you get to see the food that you just pick up from the grocery store growing in its natural habitat. Now, if I do make it back to Nebraska in the winter I might not have as many fond memories to report from that trip. Its freakin' cold there!

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