Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 2 with Nolan

Okay, so I'm not going to chronicle each week of Nolan's life but I'm taking advantage of modern technology to write down some of the highlights of what has been going on since Nolan left the womb. *Read- I don't have a baby book yet for Nolan so I've got to blog about things lest he grows up and realizes that his parents totally sucked at recording the important details of his life.

Week 2:

Of course I think that Nolan is awesomesauce and is blessed with super special genes, but this week there was proof. Superstar Nolan rolled over- not once but twice! Yep, at two weeks this little guy rolled over from his stomach to his back. He pretty much hates tummy time so much that he rolls over onto his back to avoid it. Other than rolling over, the big guy ate a lot, slept a decent amount, and was spoiled rotten by his Grandma. On the agenda for next week- finally cutting and losing the cord from his mother,  long walks through the park, and lunch with some ladies.

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  1. Cool, I'm going to enroll him in SAT prep, and he can start next month.

    I love Lizzie's look of joy, and Conner's look of semi-disgust.