Sunday, February 13, 2011

36 weeks- then and now

So I can't believe I'm gonna do this but here I go. I have really refrained from taking pictures of my ever- expanding belly this pregnancy (which is a shame) partially because I'm reluctant to share these pictures. I know, gaining weight and losing any shape that you might have had is part of the whole pregnancy deal. But the second time around, it just isn't easy to handle. When I was pregnant with the twins I knew that I was going to get really big and I felt that gaining weight was only going to lead to bigger, healthier twins. Looking back I did go overboard and gained more than what was needed, but I had two healthy babies and that is really all that matters. So with this pregnancy I have been more conscious about gaining weight and so far, I'm in the range that they suggest for a healthy weight gain. I attribute part of this to maintaining a vegetarian diet throughout the pregnancy which has just led me to eating healthier. But, my stomach is still really big! And it doesn't help that I'm surrounded by first time pregnant moms who have these tiny little stomachs. So yesterday, partially to make myself feel better and also to convince my mom that yes indeed, I do have a large stomach, I took some pictures. And gasp, I'm going to share them. So right now I'm at 36 weeks, which is when I had the twins. And this was a good time to really compare the size of a stomach with twins versus just one. And I hope you can see a difference (if not, just lie). The pictures below with the twins were taken one day before I went into labor- and the look of pain on my face is all true, I was so miserable at that point!
36 weeks- one baby

36 weeks- two babies


  1. Of course you can see a difference! Like the difference between a cantaloupe and another, much bigger cantaloupe. I think you look fantastic!

  2. Well, remember what is said about horizontal look great, no weight gain in face or arms..just a bit of a tummy!